Couponer goes to jail

couponer goes to jail
2019-08-22 00:21

One of those people that devote th to getting things for free. But we have the story of one couponer who says all of the savings were no bargain. Reporter: They call themselves extreme couponers. Fro clip and dumpster dive for savings. It was a high. Reporter: Meet chrissy, a former extreme couponer, who ditched the scissors after a eyear run.Two Michigan couponers are sentenced for abusing coupons and Walmart's ad match policy, to obtain and sell a huge stockpile. Two Michigan couponers are sentenced for abusing coupons and Walmart's ad match policy, to obtain and sell a huge stockpile. couponer goes to jail

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Coupons in the News features daily news stories and information about coupons, grocery shopping and saving money. Read about the latest trends in couponing, get some new coupon alerts and keep up with stories across the country and around the world that have to do with coupons, the companies that issue them and the consumers who use them. Jun 19, 2013 McBain sentenced Snuggs on Wednesday, June 19, to a year and eight months to four years and 10 months in prison for a larceny charge. In doing so, he exceeded the penalty recommended by state sentencing guidelines, which called for a jail sentence of zero to 11 months.couponer goes to jail Some people really don't even deserve the label extreme couponer. a Class A misdemeanor that can get up to a 4, 000 fine and up to one year in jail.

couponer goes to

Mar 29, 2015  Extreme couponer and master sandwich artist, Deborah Pines, a Florida native, born in Louisiana was arrested last Tuesday evening outside the Piggly Wiggly couponer goes to jail Whats the difference between prison and jail? A prison is a secure facility that houses people who have been convicted of a felony criminal offense and are Acquiring a stockpile for the purpose of reselling it at a profit is always a controversial subject among couponers. Some say its an unseemly way to take advantage of the system, while others say the products are theirs to do with as they please, especially if they obtain everything honestly through savvy couponing. TV shows like TLCs Extreme Couponing make saving an astounding amount of money at the checkout line with coupons look easy. But the cameras dont show the hours of drudgery and driving that go into making those savings happen, especially during the learning curve and early years thats right, years.

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