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Can a foreigner own land freehold in Phuket?
No, the only exception to this is where the foreigner is an executive of a Thailand Board of Investment approved company.
How can I own a house in Phuket if I cannot own the land freehold?
A 30 year renewable lease on the land is the most common method used.
I've read in the press recently that I need a work permit to rent my Phuket condo out, is this correct?
No there was a misunderstanding with an incorrect notice appearing on the notice board at the Patong Palace condominium. The notice stated that foreign owners were required to have a work permit in order to rent out their units. The Phuket labour department have since confirmed that they will not be investigating foreign owners for renting out their condominiums. Providing that the owner does not provide labour then a work permit is not required.
I notice that your Phuket property listings are free, whereas other websites charge as much as $139 for a listing, how are you able to provide listings free of charge?
We run a completely different business model to many of our competitors. Our website development costs have been reduced by splitting the costs over different portal listing sites that are based on the same underlying technology. Our organisation is very lean and we intend to keep it that way. We are therefore able to pass on these benefits to by offering free property listings for all.
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