Property Pages Phuket closing down as a property portal

Just a quick update to inform folks that Property Pages Phuket will be closing down as a Phuket property portal in the very near future.

The technology underpinning this website has proven very reliable and is powering Property Pages Thailand and many other property portals around Southeast Asia. Running the technology on a small scale has allowed us to fine tune the technology before scaling it up into larger marketplaces.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped us on this journey and provided feedback to us and we hope that Property Pages Thailand will continue to serve property hunters and property market participants in Phuket and Thailand for many years to come.

Property Pages Thailand now has several thousand listings across Thailand, including Phuket. Listings are free and we can work with a variety of different data feeds to add listings quickly and easily.

The new Phuket listings can be found via the following links

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